Friday, April 16, 2010

New Adventure

I turn the big 3-0 this year and to be honest I'm starting to feel my age. Having three children definitely puts a strain on your body but, I have set some goals for myself the rest of the time that I am stationed here in Germany. I signed up to complete the Nijmegen March in the Netherlands in July. This is a 100 mile march that is completed over 4 days. I am nervous about tackling this but, I need a real challenge. My other goal is to complete a marathon while stationed here. As of now I have completed two practice walks. The first was a 10K and the second a 15K. I am suppose to tackle a 20K this weekend. I had a new respect for distance after completing my first walk. My weekest point were my feet. I had blisters by the half way point and had to stop for a bit. Still, I have learned how to tape my feet and wear the best socks. I have to complete the march in uniform. I have not done my marches while in uniform but, I did complete the second march while wearing my boots. I will be completing my other marches in my boots as well. I have pictures but I still haven't downloaded them yet. Hope to soon! I have also tackled a new work regime and it is the hardest thing I have ever done but I LOVE it. It's called crossfit. It is short, high intense, full body workouts that regularly take you to the point of muscle failure. Though the workouts are grueling and at times seem immpossible, my strength has doubled in the past three weeks!! Check it out, the best thing is, the workouts are usually over in 20 minutes.

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  1. Dana I am impressed!!! Your goals sound great. Hard, but attainable with persistent hard work. I think goals are SO important, because without them, we don't have anything to strive for. And when we're not striving for something ahead of us, we regress, or stagnate. I love it!

    I have heard many women tell me they love crossfit!!! Do blog more when you think of it...

    Also, how is nursing Matthew going? Are the girls healthy now?


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